Kaplani Agency has been servicing the suburban Detroit Area for almost 30 years. We are a family run agency with our roots and foundation of our business is small business and insurance. Mel and Blanche Kaplani started out their early career in the restaurant business with family. Hard work, dedication and a family environment was the key to their success. Customers came to depend on them not only for their service but for their friendship and the feeling as if they were too a part of the family. In the 1970’s Mel Kaplani not only ran various restaurants with Blanche but also began his foot in the insurance business as a Prudential Life Insurance Agent.

As a self driven, work from the ground up, Mel was the true embodiment of what it meant to be a working class citizen of Detroit. He understood the importance of providing for you family and protecting the most precious assets of all, your loved ones. The customers that he reached became that for life not because of the product he was selling but attitude and understanding that came with it.


In 1981 Mel and Blanche opened their final Restaurant venture, Zorba’s Coney Island located in Riverview Michigan. After 6 years at the location of Fort and Pennsylvania, Mel decided that he was going to combine his knowledge of working as a small business owner and his expertise in insurance and there was born Kaplani Insurance Agency in 1987. In keeping with the essence of a family business, Kaplani Agency is operated by Blanche Kaplani and her daughters.  Kaplani Agency provides commercial, personal, and specialty insurance services and is continually expanding its services to its customers.  In the early 2000’s  Kaplani Agency started tax preparation services during peak season and by appointment in the off season. Most excitingly its newest service in 2015, assistance for customers with travel preparation and bookings.  Kaplani agency prides itself in services provided in a professional but personal atmosphere, because who else can you trust with the most important details in your life, but family.