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Now Booking Travel!

Besides our comprehensive insurance services our agency is always improving on how we can assist our customers. Starting in 2015 we are excited to provide travel booking. Many people turn to online booking engines when planning their vacation. What they don’t realize those companies will say they are promoting the best deals and the price might be pleasing the there is no filter on what quality you get for your vacation. They often will leave out key components to your vacation to bait a customer into committing their travel needs to a company who values quantity over quality. At Kaplani we have access to the best vendors who provide the best deals on the market. We will not only get a great price but most importantly take care of your travel from start to finish. No gimmicks and no gaps in planning. We will research to match your likes and needs. You will not get this from a 2 dimensional website. Why use a travel agent? We are there after the travel choice is made. You are not left on your own to find out the answer to your questions. What are the baggage fees? Are there any entry requirements? Will the resort schedule a special dinner for our anniversary? Even if you are 100% sure of what you want to do and where to go, why not get the most out of your vacation and turn to us to make sure you are getting the best deal on the market. So whether you want a simple package vacation, an exotic all inclusive resort, a family fun cruise, a weekend away with the girls or the best priced international consolidator flights, talk to us. With over 25 years in customer service we know how to take are of our customers and best of all our consultation is free. You have nothing to lose. thKGI2KY8K