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Donate items to ship to soldiers overseas by November 24th!

We are coming up on the holiday season, which means spending precious time with family and friends.  To honor the soldiers who don’t have that luxury and will be away from home for the holiday season Kaplani Insurance Agency is accepting donations to send care packages over seas.  We will be collecting until Tuesday November 24th in our office and at Mel Kaplani Agency.  If you can’t make it to the office but would like to help please contact Julie by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.  Below are suggested donations for the care packages.

Baby Wipes

Black Pens

#2 Mechanical Pencils

Pocket Notebooks

Hard Candy

Lip Balm


Cocoa Butter

Nail Clippers

Travel Size Toiletries

Gatorade Powder

Playing Cards (other small recreational games)


Black Duct Tape

Foot Powder

Shaving Cream

Children Drawings

Handwritten Letters

Sunflower seeds (other small packaged snacks


For more information on what we can accept:  CARE PACKAGE INFORMATION